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a typical day in Fondfield, Trillolara


The community bakers get up early in the morning, around 3 AM. The night shift prepared the bread dough, pre-heated the ovens. The morning shift arrives and takes over. The nice smell of baking bread wafts across Fondfield. It wakes a few people up. It usually perks up the guards on night shift. Long time merchants waiting outside the gate knows this means Fondfield will soon be open for business.

Day shift guard serjeants wake up the day guards around 5 AM.

(How could they tell time accurately ? A Crestar version of the Antikythera mechanism, but it isn’t turned by hand. It tracks time as well as planet and star movement. The capitals of Trillolara and Dank Forest use large water clocks. Archimedes would easily understand the water clock mechanisms. I got the info on these items by watching History channel.)

Around 7 AM the Inns serve breakfast. Most day shift guards are on duty by then, and the gate has been opened.

After sunrise a team of lamp lighters goes around town and turns off the street lamps.

As the morning progresses, shifts change, farmer wagons sometimes show up with goods for the Inn or the castle.

Various sounds can be heard across town, the entertainers at the open air market, anvils and metal being worked. Watch changes. The smells of bread being baked. The sounds from the potter and the smell of pottery being fired. Although the sounds of watch changes don’t always match the watch actually changing. A security measure.

Baking at the community bake shop goes on all day.

At various times fighter exercises can be heard at the fighter school.

A bit of magic can occasionally be seen at the magic school.

Sometimes a bit of speech is heard from the spellcasters… ‘oh, that is going to leave a mark’.

Usually preceeded by a small ‘ka-whump’ sound.

A few hours after dawn, adventurers can be seen leaving the Inn and heading for various merchants’ stores. Typically repairs of weapons and armor, buying supplies, and getting gems and jewelry evaluated.

If it is market day, some head over there to check on what items are for sale. While they don’t typically toss money around, they have been known to help those in need in Fondfield.

(to be continued)

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