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Age 10 End


Before Age 10, Year 900; Dank Forest and Trillolara were small fiefdoms inside Licieria. Now they are nations. The Plains of Dareth was a forested area with a number of farming communities, until the Doom of Licieria.

The Tor-Nalo towns near what is now the Mountains of Death are protected from the Undead Hordes in Age 10, Year 900, Month 7, day 20.

A darkness flows out of Khzol Pass in the Mountains of Blissful Silence eastward.

The capital of Licieria is attacked and destroyed. No map presently shows where it was. The villages and towns near it vanish as into smoke.

The Fiefdoms of Trillolara and Dank Forest notice the eastward skies darkening. The battle alarms are sounded.

A rushing sound of wings, large, medium, and small approaches.

Dragons, vultures, and insects attack everyone.

Undead arrive 4 days later upon undead horses, undead giant sharks floating through the air, and undead dragons.

Orcs arrive on ships from The Isle of Fools and attack those living near Kmoj. Now called Fondfield.

The forests of what is now the Plains of Dareth catch fire, probably due to the dragons.

Companies of Ogres, Trolls, Fire and Frost giants, are seen at the rear of the orc companies.

Cleric undead turning starts failing.

Days later, Paladin undead turning fails as well.

The folk living around Manwater Bay take to the hills near what is now the Plains of Dareth. Many found a large cave complex and went inside. Warriors and spell casters fight the hordes of Undead, to the death. Few survive, mostly those who sang songs or fought near those who sang songs.

They then all retreated to the cave entrance. One great warrior, Khush the Singer, stood at the entrance. The others who had sung and survived earlier battles stood behind that warrior. He sang a song of battles won against long odds. They sang in chorus and repeated the words.

A Great Lich did battle with the Great Khush.

Neither survived.

But the songs of the rest kept the Undead Hordes from entering. And so Bards were born.

A few survivors arrived at the seaport on Dank Forest’s shore, the Undead and Orc hordes closing in behind them.

A new group of spell casters, Druids, did their best to fight the attackers. The few Knights of Licieria left did what they could to help. No longer mounted Cavalry of the Household Guards, now called The Riders of Seela, attacked the undead. Their swords and maces of silver-steel smashing them into bits.

Paladins standing near these dismounted cavalry find that their undead turning sometimes works.

Silver coins are attached to arrows and ballista bolts, then fired at the undead. This helps destroy some undead.

Then a small green cloud is spotted coming in from the ocean. The orcs move back slightly in wonderment.

A Great Voice shouts ‘Forces of Good hold your ground ! The green cloud is to kill the undead !’.

And so it did.

A young alchemist discovers monster burn oil. She quickly tells others and they start making it, outside of town, and heavily guarded.

A silvery hand appears near her workbench and hands her a sheet of parchment with a better formula along with two leather satchels of pint monster burn oil flasks.

These are quickly distributed and are lit, then thrown at the orcs, trolls, ogres, and hill giants.

The evil warriors catch fire, then the trees.

Red dragons appear and start flaming the seaport.

Rain clouds appear, the druids at work, and the rains put out the fires in and near the town. A magic wind sends the red dragons reeling back away from the seaport.

A distant red glow is seen way off in the direction of the capital of Licieria, it is believed to be a volcano.

A short lived volcano is spotted off the coast of Trillolara.

A thunderstorm comes ashore, its lightning strikes at any evil creatures within its reach.

Somewhere in all of this, the Armies of Licieria and The Last Queen die fighting against evil.

Some Great Undead appears to the Good Folks left in Dank Forest to boast of their deaths, and while Its speech is being made, thousands of silver tipped arrows strike it. Then a gigantic lightning bolt, tossed by a Storm giant, smashes it.

A cool breeze flows in from the Outer Ocean, the forest fires are put out. Turn undead of the clerics and paladins returns ! Liches quickly turn to powder, vampires are destroyed, skeletons fall apart.

Giant Bees and Giant Hawks attack the evil hordes, which retreat.

Warriors from over sea, wearing green cloaks the color of the earlier green cloud, arrive on the seashore. Green robed people also get off the ships, they start caring for the wounded. Dark blue robed folks start burying the dead. Dark brown clothed folks build a few small buildings, and place the sick and wounded in them.

The remaining Cavalry of the Household Guards meets as their old group one last time. They then form The Riders of Seela. Their standards of the Household Guards are put away, in hope of distant changes.

After helping for weeks the ships from oversea leave, by floating upwards out of the harbor. They were never seen again.

Metal smithing techniques have been taught to the remnants of the Good Folks, stronger armor, shields, and weapons. Along with new methods for farming, harvesting, fishing, cloth making, and preserving food.

But the long arduous task of reclaiming the lands to has barely begun.

So ends Licieria !

The Doom of Licieria went on for some time. The living were too busy trying to stay alive to worry about calendars.

Farmers did what they could to produce food crops. The living did the best they could to go on living.

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