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Arcology, Tier 08


A loosely interpreted map of B4 The Lost City’s Tier 5 map.

Map is 250 feet by 200 feet. Each grid square is 10 feet.

Some suggested room descriptions.

Map is 250’ × 200’

Note that the room dimensions were chosen so a bullseye lantern wouldn’t light up the opposite walls for rooms larger than 80 feet.

The different tiles could have different smoothness or roughness. Example: The terracota ones could have a nice walking surface, the gray ones could have slippery surfaces, and the light brown could be crumbly and require careful walking to move on them.

Room 1) Entrance from above. Water well, no water, in the room. A statue in the lower left corner.

Room 2) 80’ circular room. Debris

Room 3) 60’ × 60’ skeleton and broken table.

Room 4) 60’ × 120’ room is lsightly lopsided to throw off adventurer mappers. A small stone bridge in the room.

Room 5) 20’ × 10’ floor is well poished stone and slippery. Adventurers who aren’t careful wil lslide into room 6 and into the water.

Room 6) 20’ × 40’ Cool clear water behind secret doors.

Room 7) 60’ × 80’ yellow-green fungi might be mistaken for gold pieces. Rocks scattered about the room.

Room 8) 130’ circular room. Sounds of ocean waves laping a sandy shore. Otherwise empty.

Room 9) 40’ × 20’ slippery stone floor. Roll vs. dexterity to walk across the floor. Otherwise fall.

Room 10) Down stairs to next level. Two statues that wil lanswer questions by dancing.

Room 11) 10’ × 30’ tiles squeak like a badly made wood floor.

Room 12) 10’ × 20’ looks slippery, but isn’t.

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