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Arcology, Tier 4


A loosely interpreted map of B4 The Lost City’s Tier 4 map.

Map is 250 feet by 200 feet. Each grid square is 10 feet.

Here are some suggested room descriptions.

Map is 250’ × 200’

Note that the room dimensions were chosen so a bullseye lantern wouldn’t light up the opposite walls for rooms larger than 80 feet.

Room 1) 80’ × 40’ Entrance from above A nice banquet is set out for hungry adventurers.

Room 2) 40’ × 60’ Skeletons, one in the water, one partially in the water. And three shrubbery, for a two level effect. Or they are canivorous.

Room 3) 50’ × 50’ an empty room

Room 4) 30’ × 80’ another empty room

Room 5) 120’ circular room. Two chairs on the west side. Both look comfy. A small skull on the floor near them. Could it be a mark for the secret door ? Or a warning ? The water might be drinkable.

Just west of Room 5, another skull on the floor marks the secret door.

Room 6) 50’ × 40’ a skeleton in front of the exit door.

Room 7) An echo room. Anything said in here will echo.

Room 8) Down stairs to next level.

Room 9) Room has a illusion of a Grand Dance !

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