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B4, City Cave, part 01, Arcology


This is now Part 01 of the City cave. Part 02 is a work in progress.

A preliminary map of the City Cave. This Isometric map is 1200 pixels wide. To see more detail in the map, I will zoom in on various parts of it later on. Each map square is 10’ × 10’. Room walls are 15’ high. Some have roofs, some don’t. The cave is 30’ to 40’ high walls. Center of the cave is 50’ high across most of the area.

Zoomed in maps first, then the overall map.

Entrance to City Cave at top of map. Castle and two room areas. The two rooms that have common corners also share a secret door.

Two rooms to the right of the entrance and a small temple ruins out on a square island.

Food farm of mushrooms, the greenish waters look and smell toxic, the bridges and stone doorways could be traps.

Zoomed into a small building on the south end of the greenish waters.

The doorway to the upper right is in the wall to the castle to the left of the entrance to this cave.

This map has been changed fomr 1200 pixels wide to 2000 pixels wide so you can see the detail easier.

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