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Boonmuck, Trillolara


Boonmuck is surrounded by a wood wall 3’ thick and 15’ high.

There are two gates controlled by the town watch.

eighteen private dwellings

Not detailed dwellings are private dwellings, just villagers.

4) basket makers: George Gesto, Farnia Gesto, Jennie Gesto, and Bill Gesto.

circular baskets small baskets, 1’ across by 8 inches deep: 5 cp with handle: 7 cp , 8 inches across by 2’ deep, with lid: 2 sp medium baskets, 1’ across by 2’ deep: 2 sp with lid: 2 sp, 5 cp large baskets, 2’ across by 3’ deep: 5 sp , with lid: 6 sp for tight weave, add 3 cp with the buyers name pleated into it: 1 gp to 20 platinum.

6) general store owned and operated by John Wilnar: ( limited quantities)

3 tinder boxes: 3 gp each 100 torches 1 cp each 2 silver mirrors 30 gp each 10 metal mirrors 10 gp each 15 lantern oil 5 cp each 3 ropes, 50’ 7 sp each 15 small sacks 7 cp each 7 waterskin, 2 qt. 8 sp each 12 hand axe 1 gp each 3 spear 10’ 1 gp 15 sp each 10 hats 5 – 9 sp each 5 wax candles 12 cp each 2 hooded lanterns 12 gp each 6 quivers with 20 arrows each 2 gp each 3 long bows 55 gp each 10 long bow strings 1 for 2 sp each

7) blacksmith Prago the Harsh shoeing 7 sp horse shoe 1 sp repairs to harness, etc. 2 sp – 7 gp

10) tavern run by Jenette Lolila; Dorothy, Linda, and Susan

pint ale: 6 cp apple pie: 4 sp beer: 4 cp bread, half loaf: 5 cp wine : 2 sp black bread and cheese: 3 sp bean soup: 3 cp per bowl meat pie: 3 sp broiled chicken: 4 sp large salad: 4 sp fried rabbit: 1 sp

15) Stra Klo Slii ( Druids) Shinya: Druid 6, human female Dalua: Druid 3: half-elf male Farny: Druid 1: human male Yulee: Druid 1: human female Jard: Fighter 2: human male Prot: Fighter 1: human female Kina: Fighter 0: human female ( town watch) Ful: Fighter 0: human male Hij: Fighter 0: human male ( town watch)

17) old ruins on edge of town, belongs to village

An old old keep. All that is left is a stone circle 30’ in diameter, some of the stones look half-melted or blackened by some intense heat. A one hour search will find a mostly buried iron ring. It will take 2 hours to clear all of the rubble near it. The ring is attached to a stone door. Due to age it will take a combined strenght of 30 to open. A 10’ × 10’ × 5’ room will be revealed when its opened. 3 centipedes have burrowed into the room. Humanoid bones. Unless buried by the local druid, a ghost will haunt the party. chest in one corner. Rusted shut. Contains 500 sp; 50 gp; 5 pp

18) South Gate 1 cp to enter or exit town, if you don’t live here.

One or more town watch guard the gate. Their gear isn’t very good, but they will sound the alarm if attacked.

19) North Gate 1 cp to enter or exit town, if you don’t live here.

One or more town watch guard the gate. Their gear isn’t very good, but they will sound the alarm if attacked.

20) Fountain

Has fish carved in relief on the bottom. It is kept reasonably clean.

21) Gug the peatman ( digs up peat, and dries it so it can be used for local cooking fires )

Sometimes the village sends kids over during the spring to harvest lots of peat for next winter.

The small circle near building 3 and 4 is the town well.

New map, March 18, 2015.

Boonmuck, Trillolara

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