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Dank Forest's leaders


Age 11 1-500 years, Age 11 is still on going

The tale of Dank Forest’s Leaders starts after the Doom of Licieria.


15 years A ragtag of knights, magicians, clerics, rangers, monks,
druids, minor nobles, and others defended Dank Forest
from those who attacked Dank Forest after the green cloud had
come and gone. Most of them died off.

Age 11 years 1 – 15

15 years The Nobles left couldn’t decide on who should rule Dank Forest.

Age 11 years 15 – 30

20 years King Joh-Nak Queen Sharan

Age 11 years 30 – 50<br Tried to push through some reforms; public works, castle building combat training for most citizens; but they were blocked by the Nobles who declared there was no funding to built the facilities for training anyone in anything.

30 years The Nobles told King Joh-Nak and Queen Sharan they weren’t monarchs anymore. The King and Queen took ship to Trillolara, and never set foot in Dank Forest again. They were very fed up with the Nobles of Dank Forest.

Age 11 years 50 – 80
The Nobles argued for the remaining part of 30 years over who was to replace them.

15 years Queen Silly

Age 11 years 80 – 90

Told some of the most awful and convoluted jokes.
Accomplished nothing. Which suited the Nobles just fine.

This turn of events wasn’t to the liking of the rest of the Kingdom.
Some Nobles died of apparent accidents.

There was some, but not all of them, improvement in the monarchs appointed, uhm, voted into office later on.

( the years from 90 through 184 are under construction.)

25 years King Justlar Queen Khantan

Age 11 years 185 – 210
Set up a few public kitchens. Failed to staff them. After a few days, a few people went there and started cooking meals. Folks showed up to be fed. Worked wonderfully.

25 years Age 11 years 210 – 235

The Nobles fail to meet, over 200 times.

a series of ‘temporary’ Kings and Queens who held office because the Nobles couldn’t agree on when and where to hold a meeting to decided if and who was to be Queen and King. No one is certain who appointed, uhm, voted, for them.

They just showed up and took office, while saying they were there temporarily. The Nobles convinced themselves it was All According to Plan.

10 years Queen Jul-Hara

Age 11 years 235 – 245
Rebuilt several towns, did a few municipal works in Brillar. One day said how all boring it was, and abdicated.

5 years King Samuel the Sharp Queen Ghastan
Age 11 years 245 – 250
The most brilliant King and Queen Dank Forest ever had… died mysteriously.

50 years King Wrong-Way

Age 11 years 250 – 300
Lost ? Yes, verging on 100 percent of the time. He had problems determining up from down, North from South, and West from a river.

Which is how he died. Fell into a river, while claiming he was headed West. The river being South by southeast of the location he left from.

His real name is forgotten, even his headstone says King Wrong-Way

28 years King Jush-Tarak Queen Salak

Age 11 years 300 – 328
One of the most boring pair of rulers ever known on Crestar.

So lackluster were they, no one can remember anything they might possibly have been noted for.

Scholars note that it was the rotting smell that got the Nobles and the Royal Court to realize they were dead.

end of the ‘temporary’ monarchs.

43 years King Jhan the Energetic Queen Sala

Age 11 years 328 – 371
Brillar is re-constructed of stone.

Many parts had been built of stone many years ago, but much of that had been destroyed in the downfall of Licieria. Some buildings had been rebuilt or repaired over the years. But not as much as during the reign of King Jhan.

Ah, the petty squabbles of the petty Nobles.

Oh, they have Upper Crust Noble rank, but they do argue, for years, over who the next King and Queen will be.

Taxes still get collected, the border is protected, but arguments over who is in charge of what can take longer when there is no King and Queen.

Land disputes can happen, and are sometimes put on hold until the next King and Queen take their thrones.

25 years Queen Ghartan King Reltan

Age 11 years 383 – 408
Some construction during this period of stone buildings.

12 years to decide this time.

30 years Queen Lakh-Nan King West-Lar

Age 11 years 415 – 445
Have I said yet how much the Royalty of Dank Forest love to tax ? They all do.
The Kings and Queens of Dank Forest seem somewhat lackluster, no real drive, except to clean up Dank Forest. Maybe that is why the Undead that destroyed Licieria leave them alone ?
Seven years to decide who rules, a new record.

10 years Queen Jul-han King Shrakah

Age 11 years 450 – 460
Taxes were slightly lower during their reign
The Nobility of Dank Forest noticed quickly they seem to have fewer deaths from attackers than Trillolara, they don’t know if they should be relieved or offended.
Took only 5 years this time. In private the Nobles are startled, in public they act pleased and claim that things are improving.

20 years King Chash Queen Taran-Kah

Age 11 years 480 – present
They both love taxes, treasures found are a Royal Fifth.
The Nobles of Dank Forest argued for 20 years to determine who will be in charge, they don’t trust one another. the Border Guard has the deciding decision. I’m not sure any of this could be called voting. Taking 20 years this time…

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