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Copied over from the old site. Some maps replaced and not in the zip files. Etc.

Update: they should all work now. Jan 7, 2015. All named location zip files on this page have PNG map files and text for each room/area.

Added April 10, 2019.

Zip file, 8.4 megs 2000 pixel wide PNG files. Text added afternoon of April 10, 2019.

Added April 30, 2018

Cynidicea Gazetteer Zip file, 374 KB PDF and Doc file provided by Geoff Gander on Dragon’s Foot forums.

Added April 17, 2018.

Zip file, 2.5 megs PDF file File provided by Richelieu on Dragon’s Foot forums.

generic atolls png page

Height/weight restrictions for weapons

Height/Weight Zip file, 356 KB PDF file

The generic maps

These zip files haven’t been updated, but the pages for some of the villages and towns has. Dec 18, 2019.

generic towns 9 towns one PNG file per town 642 kilobytes | generic castles 18 castles 1 png file per castle 445 kilobytes.

generic villages 11 pngs, one per village 2.7 megabytes | generic burial mound 2 png files 61 kilobytes

Teslarc maps

Trillusion 7.4megs. 4 pngs and one text file. For characters 1st to 3rd level. A cleric would be good for one of the characters. Updated maps with CC3+ effects.

Trillolara maps

Dtgllo Castle, Trillolara all 9 maps in one zip file 936 Kilobytes PNG files with text. Level 3rd-5th. Zip fixed on June 13, 2016.

Old Khilla Keep, Trillolara all 16 map pngs in one zip file 19.8 Megs PNG files with fixed room text. 4th through 7th level. Deeper the character party goes, the tougher it gets. The maps aren’t very good. The revamp will be new maps and a new adventure. Jan 21; fixed map 9 room numbers. June 13, 2016: fixed zip file. Some maps updated on Dec 18, 2016. All updated maps on Dec 19, 2016

A new version of Khilla keep untested, there is a mummy, some will-o-wisps, and ghouls. And some attack chickens… This file is 9.6 megabytes. Dec 28, 2016. Room text is included. First/surface level is the same as the other version of khilla Keep.

Sraa Keep adventure, near Fondfield, Trillolara all maps in one zip file 39 megabytes in PNGs, with text. Level 5-9th. Tough dungeon. Zip okay on Mar 18, 2020. All maps updated.

Falla Keep adventure under Fondfield, Trillolara, Southern Hemisphere. 4.6 megs, area and level maps, with room descriptions in a text file. Mostly easy for a 4th to 6th level group. Go past the rubble of rocks and deal with vampires. Which makes it difficult.

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