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Flat, continent in the Northern Hemisphere


One nation: Duchy of Flat. This continent is my B/X location.

The large forest is marked: Grata.

Three cities: Lorn, Moonrise, and Besh.

Moonrise and Besh are the seaports. Kite castle is a major defensive location. Blue Henge is within Grata Forest. There are a number of castles, villages, and crop lands mapped but not named.

A large empty area named the broken lands.

Character races dwarves and elves are also character classes. No rangers, no paladins, nor druids. Gnomes are mentioned, but not as player characters. I have purchased Barritaria’s supplement that adds gnomes.

I’ll adding information, characters, and adventures to Flat using the rules in TSR’s BASIC and Expert rules. I’m aware the character levels go higher, but that will be my limit here. I also have Blueholme Prentiss Rules.

This continent is about 4200 miles long and about 1700 miles wide at its widest.

Updated map: October 14, 2020

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