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Fliton's Jewels, Rings, appraisals and gem-cutting, Fondfield


map section Fliton's

Owner and employees

Note that the local militia and several city guards keeps a watch on this and other stores in the area. They may look like regular customers, particularly the Monks.

store owned by Fliton Cossal

Fliton Cossal Asst: Grace Fairgleam human female
Jeweler/Gemcutter male gnome jeweler/gemcutter

Jeweler: superior 30 percent increase Jeweler: 20 percent increase 60 percent chance likely 50 percent chance likely. +10 percent otherwise +10 percent otherwise

Gemcutter: good; Gemcutter: superb; 1d12 1-3 improves, 12 ruins 1d20, 1-5 improves, 20 ruins

Bill Heathertoes male halfling Fighter 3 works as sales clerk. Has a Dagger +3. He knows the skill levels of Fliton and Grace, but doesn’t tell customers.


( with stone): stone worth plus gold 30 gp
silver 10 gp They wont make rings over a total value of 750 gp.

bracelet: gold 5 – 100 gp
silver 1 – 75 gp

necklace: 500 gp without cut stones ( minimum price)
700 gp with cut stones ( minimum price)

Appraisals: cost is 5 percent of appraised worth. Both jewelers are 95 percent accurate
in their appraisals, and 100 percent honest in the appraisal. If they feel
they cannot give an accurate appraisal due to a gem type they have no
knowledge of, they will tell the customer.

Gem cutting: 5 – 20 percent of cut gem[s] worth.
They will refuse to work with gems worth more than 20,000 gp.

Categories Fondfield, Fliton's Jewelers

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