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Fractal Terrains to CC3/CC3+ map, very basic instructions


This is very basic information, and presumes you know how to use the software.

1) use Fractal Terrains to draw islands or a world you like.

2) Save as CC3 file, or Export World as Multiple files. Both under the File menu.

3 A) Bring the CC3 file you want to use up into CC3 or CC2. ‘Save As’ a BMP or PNG file.

3 B) Or use the BMP files created when you Exported the world as multiple files.

4) Use the fcw files from either 3a or 3b and check the distances of the island you want to use. North to South, and East to West. When you create the bmp, you could use ‘rectangular BMP’ under the save as file menu to save just the part you want to use.

5) Import the bmp into CC3 with a map border of the appropriate size. I place it on its own bmp layer and bmp sheet. Easier to delete it when I am done drawing the map.

6) Use the various drawing tools in CC3 to draw the ocean, island, and any contours you want.

7) If the island is larger than 185 miles by 234 miles, I break it up into smaller pieces to match my surface maps. My surface maps are 185 × 234 miles. ( I no longer break them up into this size, April, 2015.)

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