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Grand Isle of Karenth entrance page, Southern Hemisphere


This is an island nation that is friendly towards Trillolara. They trade items that are tropical in nature, but Karenth is in a temperate zone. It is believed they trade with one or more countries to the east. They call themselves Fisherfolk. (Alignment: NG )

The Inlet of Srager can be dangerous, if your pilot isn’t from here. The waters are not clear, there are unmarked shallows and shoals, these were never cleared so as to discourage pirate attacks. Rumor has it that someone on this island can cause the shallows to rise up and form a barrier across the Inlet.

All of the forested areas are part of Tah-Nah Forest.

Chrill Lake holds fresh water fish and is used to train young sailors in the art of fishing and cleaning fish.

In the local version of Common, Tarn means town and Taga means City. But since there is only the one city, it can also mean Capital. Or it could mean ‘look at us !’.

Humans 35,000
Half-Elves 3,000
( most are of gray elf or high elf parentage)
Wood Elves 1,000
Gnomes 450

Charga-Tarn 560
human 475
half-elf(wood) 15
wood elves 70

the half-elves are good at fly fishing.

they are also the rangers in the area.

Chala-Tarn 483

humans 425
wood elves 58

the wood elves are good at fly fishing.

they are also the rangers in the area.

Chrina-Taga 21,550
gnomes 450 ( merchants, jewelers)
half-elves 2,800
humans 18,000
wood elves 300
( the people who travel to and from Chrina,
but don’t live there, aren’t counted in Chrina’s population )

( more town populations will be added later )

very few adventurers here, about 5 per year. If someone decides to go off adventuring, they get a bit of training, and they leave and go to either Trillolara or Dank Forest. They also receive a bit of a class so they don’t act too stupid in a city. Few come back from Dank Forest, so the trend for the past 50 game-years has been to travel to Trillolara.

Most feel that being in the fishing fleet is enough of an adventure.

Updated map: Jan 10, 2015 to show Charga-Tarn and Chala-Tarn.

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