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Green Goose Inn and Stables folks, Fondfield, NPC


Folks who live and work at the Green Goose Inn and Stables

Innkeeper: Janro human male level zero

Wife: Julia human female level zero

Cook: Frot human male level zero

Asst: Phal elf male Fighter 1
Asst: Kragn dwarf male Fighter 1
Pastry: Sam halfling female
Bartender: John “Lumbering John” human male level zero
Serving Maid: Fellicia human female level zero
Serving Maid: Dorothy “Tassle” human female level zero
Bouncer: Drux Monk 5 human male

Groom: Srull ( Fighter 3 ) human, carries a dagger +1 vs. Man-sized/+2 vs. small-sized

Wife and Asst: Pato ( Fighter 4/Magic-User 5 ) female half-elf

Stable Helper: Griq “Sandy” human level zero
Stable Helper: Magdalene “Blondy” human female level zero
Stable Helper: Ghalar Wranto “Raz” male hill dwarf Fighter 1 battle axe


leather armor

Tral Fighter 1, human male spear, long sword, morning star
Caloq Fighter 2, human female spear, long sword, morning star
Pavor Fighter 1, human male heavy crossbow, 2 spears, foot soldier’s mace
Marg Fighter 1, human female heavy crossbow, 2 spears, foot soldier’s mace

Categories South Hemisphere

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