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Green Goose Inn and Stables prices, Fondfield


Menu for guests:

Soup or stew Main courses Beef and barley, bowl 3 cp Chicken, broiled 3 sp Frog and Toad, bowl 3 gp Pheasant 5 gp ( no refunds for the unexpected ) Rabbit, fried 1 sp 5 cp Goose stew 3 cp Salad, large 5 sp with 5 bisquits 5 cp Deer, baked 3 gp per serving Bean soup, 2 bowls 1 cp ( in season) squirrel stew 3 cp squirrel 6 cp each ( in season) ( in season) beef, one pound 1 gp

Drink Pastries Cake, small, sugar 7 cp Ale, pint 5 cp Strawberry short-cake 7 sp 1 sp ( in season ) Beer, pint 3 cp Cookies 2 cp each Wine, pint 9 sp Cakes, 2 layer 2 sp with frosting 5 sp mint cakes 2 sp Pies ( rhubarb, peach, black cherry) 3 sp Bread, half a loaf 3 cp black bread and cheese 1 sp ( a pound of cheese)
Food for horses and mules

horse grain 1 day costs 1 sp horse grain, if you rent a stall in the stable for your horse or mule 3 cp per day

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