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In my spare time, I’ll draw a migration map for the various movements detailed on this page.

Please note that much of the history below is what a Trillolaran or Dank Forest sage would know.

Mystic and Ancient history

Many thousands of years ago, humans didn’t live on this part of the continent. Only orcs and the like abode here. There were beings that those now living here call ‘Others‘.

Little is known of them, except they appeared to be human. Many had abilities and weapons unexplainable by the sages of today. Occasional ruins will be found where they once lived. Some of these locations are evil, some are good. The rest are uninhabited by either Others or magical forces. Most present day inhabitants of this continent avoid these places. Remnant place names have Dt- prefixes to some rivers, mountains, forests, towns, and forts, along with some ruins thought to be shrines.

Old: 500 to 900 years ago (Age 10 year 500 up to Age 11 Year 1)

The second wave of settlement was human, elf, half-elf, and halfling. They drove out the orcs, gnolls, etc. many of which fled to Land of the Giants. The ‘Others’ had already left. Some scholars believe the ‘others’ will return someday. Evil creatures have tried to retake this area. They have failed so far. Place names with prefixes of: Khl-, Kh-, Khm-; some castles, towns, villages, forests, rivers, some religions, cities, and some deities.

Recent: now (Age 11 year 500) to 200 years ago ( Age 11 Year 300)

Third wave settlers were human, half-elf, halfling, dwarf, and elf. Dwarf Home and Elf Home were already here when this wave of settlement moved in. It is unknown how long these Homes had been here. Dwarf Home is mostly abandoned, with rumors there are dwarves still living there. One group of adventurers had some odd encounters with them, with the dwarves claiming the surface was too blasted away for any living creatures to survive. Any attempt to convince them otherwise has met with no success.

Groups of raiding parties from the Nomads area enter Trillolara and Dank Forest. Some claim they are young men trying to ‘become men’, and others have no desire to accept such reasoning. These particular raids have always been repelled. The Nomads do band together with Trillolara when Gashtra invades, acting as light attack cavalry. A group of adventurers, player characters, found a lich-hold near Fondfield, Trillolara. This same group found a Gashtran spy nest under the very guard towers of Fondfield, a military border town. Evidently the rooms they found had been dug out years ago, and then forgotten. A chance encounter with servants, now dead, alerted the town to the Gashtrans.

Most adventurers are of, or the descendants of, the third wave of settlers. ‘English’-type names such as Green Goose Inn and Stables or Blue Unicorn Inn.

Various traveling groups that player characters will see as they travel the roads and trails.

Green Guild messenger:     Human and half-elf
Traveling companies:          dwarf, elf, surface gnome
Merchant caravans:            human, dwarf, halfling, half-elf
Raiders:                      Nomads, goblins, gnolls, pirates, giants
Patrols, light cavalry:       human, elf, dwarf, half-elf, halfling
Patrols, heavy cavalry:       human, elf, dwarf, half-elf, Riders of Seela
Patrols, rangers:             human, half-elf, elf

Green Guild messenger | Riders of Seela

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