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Kingdom of Ladtodquill entrance page


A feudal emperorship of over 2,000,000 population. Very loosely based on some of the 1980s City-States modules from Judges Guild. This nation contains all alignments; elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, gnomes, orcs, ogres, etc. rumor has it Drow are down below. Be careful where your character walks.

The alignment symbols; good, evil, chaos, and law; are there to show what is possible, not their exact location.

Added some location names. Updated map Feb 27, 2015

The capital city’s name is ‘The City’. the map for this city is 25000 feet by 20000 feet. I broke it up into 25 smaller maps of 5000’ × 4000’ each.

Why the different color umbrellas over the markets ? City faction. Good, bad, evil, neutral. No umbrella, could be anything, even working for the Emperor. This is after all a City State, and an evil one.

why the different color buildings ? Could be Guilds, Merchant families, someone had lots of paint to sell, etc.

Now, if two different color buildings are near each other, and one appears to be intruding into another group of buildings of a different color, they could indeed be trying to take over an area from another group.

Or it was just an accident… in an evil city.

link to the thumbnails.

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