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Others, NPC


To understand the below stats, you will have to find a copy of the first edition AD&D books.

To give some ‘flesh’ to the ancient sites and possible ancient magic the
characters encountered, I created a generic race of beings. I called them

(can be LN, CN, or NE alignment)

Infravision 60’; listening 1-10 in 20; +1 to +5 SR vs.spells, rods, wands,
staves; Immune to Disease, Sleep, Charm, any Polymorph; 90 percent
chance can change self or Polymorph self.

Strength: 12-19
Intelligence: 14-20
Wisdom: 9-19
Constitution: 16-19
Dexterity: 15-20
Charisma: -1 to 17

Armor class: varies
Move: 12”; special 28”
HP: visible class ( actual)
number of attacks: per visible class or 2/1
Special attacks: varies
Special defenses: varies
Magic Resistance: varies by actual class
Size: usually appear as humans
Psionic Abilities: I (1 percent); II ( 9 percent);
III ( 30 percent); IV ( 30 percent); V ( 30 percent);
VI ( 30 percent)

Can make favorite weapons appear in their hands.
One encounter the players had was a female
Other who could ‘reach’ somewhen and bring
her ancient sword to her hands.

Does not always do things seemingly in alignment or in character.

Will sometimes look at people strangely.

Character classes shown to non-Others:

merchant, low-level thief, low-level fighter, low-level cleric,
or low-level thief-acrobat ( from a magazine article).

What classes they actually are:

classes Magic resistance
at 11th level
Cleric 20/Fighter 15 ( 95%)
Magic-User 20/Fighter 14 ( 90%)
Illusionist 20/Fighter 12 ( 85%)
Cleric 15/ Fighter 10 ( 70%)
Magic-User 30 ( 100%)
Illusionist 25/Fighter 7 ( 95%)
Druid 7/Ranger 12 ( 50%)

In Ancient times, they had stronger powers. Sometimes one of the
centuries older Others will be around the character’s adventure area.

I didn’t create the Others as a Deus Ex Machina to get the players out of
major problems, but to lend an air of ‘the ancient and mystic beings from
mythological times’. And to occasionally give them beings to encounter
that they could not easily win against. Or beings who might do oddball
things to the characters. Like create magic fountains that a drink from it
would make the characters glow in the dark, or turn their hair green.
Several player characters have drunk from such fountains, and do glow
green in the dark…

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