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p2, Approach and arrival at Fondfield


An account of a merchant’s arrival in Fondfield via the West Gate.

(This merchant is from Dank Forest, Chestran Longshan)

Day 4) Fondfield

The guards woke me about an hour before sunrise. A few minutes later a trumpet blew a long blast, then a cheerful tune.

Some light sleepers nearby became very grumpy. I noticed some of the guards smiling. Evidently this is something done when many new people are about.

The gate stayed closed. I have been informed it is a wakeup call, not the gate bell. The line can be long, and if the open market fills up, no more traders are allowed in. So, being early is a good idea.

We finished packing and got ready to enter Fondfield.

A light breeze flows from the East as a few light clouds float by overhead. A small bell tolls 3 times.

I hear a group of guards behind the gate moving the closing mechanism.

The gate slowly opens. A herald walks out the gate and announces, “Heya! Heya ! One gold per wagon to enter ! One silver penny per horse and rider ! Merchants have your trader’s license handy ! Adventurers first in !”

As a group of wounded adventurers move towards the gate, my guards motion me forward. I notice this morning there are cloth badges on their collars. The herald bows and the guards let us in. The other merchants are somewhat upset at this, but some wave to the guards. Evidently this happens once in a while and long time merchants have gotten this benefit before me.

Although I do get setup early in the open air market, I spend about an hour talking to some guards about what happened on the way here. My guards leave, but not before recommending a guards for hire group in town. I realize now they wanted me in early to get a report in on the happenings on the road here before the day’s trading started.

I hire 2 guards who specialize in watching for pickpockets and merchant stall thieves who specialize in quick grabbing of items on display. When I travel to the next town, I’ll be hiring 6 travel guards.

The streets here are very clean, many living here smile often. Certainly a difference from other towns I have been to.

The street lamps look well kept. Someone from the Green Goose Inn brings me food and drink, they mention Ora asked them to. I think I am going to like trading here.

There was a short break for lunch. Some finished their purchasing and left. Others came back after lunch and completed their purchases. Interesting, other places I have traded there was no break, and every merchant was tired and hungry after a long day.

[new entry]

About an hour before sunset, a herald arrived at the marketplace. “Heya ! Heya ! The market closes before sunset !”

A smiling woman, rather tall, named Sar the Grim, came to my wagon and requested I come to the Green Goose Inn for the evening meal. I wondered at this, but one of the other merchants told me that she used to adventure with Ora. Maybe she wants news…

I put away my goods and the guards keep watch. I make sure they have food, drink, and blankets. A few streetlights are being lit around town.

Odd, my clothes changed when I went through the door to the Inn. I get quickly hustled upstairs to a room. Ora, Sraa, and several others are there.

They explain to me that a spell was cast on my clothes as they look very distinctive and not from this area. I might have been followed after the attack.

A serving maid comes to the room with the evening meal and whispers to Ora, then leaves.

Someone followed me from the market, and quickly left when they didn’t notice me inside the Inn. The gate was closed earlier, so who ever that was, is still inside the town walls. They didn’t return to the market. There really aren’t many places they could go or sleep for the night. Much of Fondfield is checked regularly for evil. Being both the military district headquarters and the largest town close to the border on this end of Trillolara.

Hopefully it isn’t an assassin who is trying to finish me off due to the failed attack earlier.

Ora apologizes for putting me in danger. Evidently her and her friends have adventured extensively and raised the wrath of evil in this part of the world.

[ to be continued… ]

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