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p3, Fondfield


An account of a merchant’s time at Fondfield.

(This merchant is from Dank Forest, Chestran Longshan)

Day 5) Fondfield

My goods and the guards are moved to a safe place.

Sar will sleep just inside my Inn’s room door. She has a large spear and other weapons, faces towards the door. She suggests I let her know before I get out of bed, and to not open the window. It is locked and barred from the inside.

I hear a clash of weapons downstairs, then laughter. Sar is up and awake armed, before I can blink.

A grouchy sounding person is heard outside my door. Sar shakes her head No.

A thud, a voice says, ‘got him’ rather low in sound. Sar doesn’t open the door.

[ to be continued… ]

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