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Quasqueton Castle ruins, level 01 jail area B


Larger map so it is easier to see.

Room 41) 28’ × 28’ × 10’: storage empty

Room 42) 38’ × 100’ × 10’: storage empty of all but dust

Room 43) 48’ × 48’ × 10’: storage empty of all but dust

Room 44) 100’ × 46’ × 10’: Guard ready room
Where the guards on standby wait. Beds are available for extra guards.

The thin brown walls inside the room are to give attackers a feeling they can hide,
make plans and then attack the guards again. The walls are 4 feet high.

The brown squares are pit traps. The one with the skull on it drops 20 feet
and has spikes in the bottom. 1d6+1 for each spike. 2d6 for the fall.
There are 6 spikes and they hit as a third level fighter.
The other pit drops 10 feet, no spikes.

Room 45) 107’ × 16’ × 10’ – 16 × 116’ × 10’: corridor
goes from the barracks to the dining hall.

Paintings on the wall showing guards doing their duty and guarding the castle.

Room 46) 88’ × 9’ × 10’: corridor
secret door is stone and findable under ordinary chances.

Push door up to open in either direction.

Room 47) 6’ × 81’ × 10’ – 44’ × 6’ × 10’: corridor
There are 3 pit traps in this corridor.

The first one is an illusion. If the characters fall for the illusion,
they take 1d6 hp. The second shows only as a red skull painted on the floor
It will hold 100 pounds in weight and then give way.
2d6 hp to any who fall in.

The third pit is open and will close up when anyone claps their hands 3 times. Secret door to leader’s real room is slightly ajar.

He forgot to close it when he left.

If the characters close it, push on the west side opens it.

Dungeon level 1 gp equivalent in money and goods, excludes any magic items: 2490.71 gp equiv.

Magic items: silver +1 dagger (magic and silver) ; long sword + 3 ;
2 scrolls of Protection from Evil (3 uses each); Ring protection from fire ;
Ring of Free Fall (4 charges) ; chain mail +1 ; leather armor +1 ;
wood shield + 1.

Book of spells, listings that can be rewritten as spell book entries.

Monsters: 6 giant rats ; 6 skeletons ; 6 giant centipedes

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