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Quasqueton Castle ruins, level 02


Quasqueton cave sub-level, Trillolara

Room 1) about 55’ x about 95’ x about 15’ high: storage and entrance to 2nd level

the stairs are stone, drop 30’ at a 15 degree angle, and the steps go for 54’ 1”

12 rotted sacks of grain.

20 giant rats on and near the sacks.

Passageway between room 1 and 4: if detect magic is cast on them:

North wall shows battle scenes between the Nomads and infantry of Quasqueton.

South wall shows a large portrait of a beautiful woman.v

Room 2) about 105’ x about 135’ x about 10’: emergency/under siege water supply

The rope on the well is rotted and useless. But the water,
about 20’ down, is drinkable.

The water filled sinkholes go down to a water filled cavern.

Up a ways from that cavern is an open cave that has 3 carrion crawlers living there.
Splashing the water in these sinkholes will attract their attention. If you feel
this is overpowered, then substitute lesser monsters.

The two greenish areas are common mold. The fungi aren’t dangerous.

There is a small bit of treasure in the sinkhole room.
25 gp and the bones of a man-at-arms. His chain mail
has rusted. Dagger + 1

Room 3) about 22’ x about 55’ × 10’: fake treasure room
Exact measurement for the ceiling is due to it being smoothed years ago.

If the characters stay in here for longer than 30 game minutes,
the room starts rotating. Secret door: enter the room; push on the right side.
to exit the room; push up.

2 chests.

1) wooden chest, open.
30 gp on top of 150 silver.
200 copper pieces ; some sparkly cut glass that looks like gems.

2) cast iron chest, closed, rusted shut
150 gp in side ; cursed long sword +1

Room 4) about 65’ x about 110’ × 15’ : storage dusty
Exact measurement for the ceiling is due to it being smoothed years ago.

Secret door leading to room 9: metal catch at bottom right side, then push on right to open.
Metal pull handle on inside of door.

Secret door leading to room 3: findable 3 in 6.
small pull near door. Push down the door opens, push up the door opens.
It will only work one direction. To exit the corridor to room 3, push
anywhere on secret door. The ease with which it is found and opened, should be
a clue to the fakeness of the treasure.

68 rotted food barrels
15 giant rats

Room 5) about 55’ x about 80’ × 10’ : torture room
Exact measurement for the ceiling is due to it being smoothed years ago.

4 chairs and 2 rugs so the questioners are comfy. All are rotted, including the
questioners who are still in the chairs.

The ‘questioners’ are 4 zombies.
The 2 circles are still dangerous.
A Type 1 demon can appear, 10 percent chance, if anyone enters them.

The lava pit is still active. Magically kept going. Any character falls in,
they take 3d6 hp per minute. (Yes, I’m going easy on this damage.)

The brazier is rusted and unused for many years.
The table at the north side is rotted and contains rusted instruments of torture.

Room 6) 20’ × 20’ × 10’: weapon storage
weapon racks are empty

4 skeletons

Room 7) 20’ × 20’ × 10’: weapon storage
weapon racks are empty

4 skeletons

Room 8) 20’ × 20’ × 10’: weapon storage
weapon racks are empty

4 skeletons are armed with long swords +1, evil designs on swords
buried in the floor, under a loose flagstone, is a small box,
with 35 gp in it.

Room 9) about 20’ long x about 6’ wide x about 10’: corridor dusty
Secret door into corridor from the passageway:
enter: push on right, on a spear in the battle picture, to open.
exit: push on left to open

Secret door into room 7 from room 9:
enter: push on right to open.
exit: push on left to open

Dungeon level 2 gp equivalent in money and goods, excludes any magic items: 316 gp equiv.

Monsters: 35 giant rants ; 3 carrion crawlers ; 4 zombies ; 12 skeletons

Treasure magic items: dagger +1, and 4 long swords + 1 with evil designs on them.

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