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Quasqueton ruins: flying lizards


Frequency: Uncommon/Rare outside this area
Number: 20-100 in each pack
Move: 6”/10”
Hit Dice: 1 HD – 2 (range is 1 hp to 6 hp)
Percent in lair: 75%
Treasure Type: None, unless a victim had some.
Number of Attacks: 1
Damage per Attack: 1d4-1 hp (range 1-3 hp)
Magic Resistance: None
Intelligence: low
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: S
Psionic Ability: none

They look like small lizards with a leathery ruff behind their heads along their backs. If they can run for 30’-50’, they can hop then fly for as much as 60’. They usually travel in packs. They don’t attempt flight on windy days. Any wind over 10 miles per hour can break their wings. They wont travel outside these two remnants of Krini Forest as they fear The Wild

They are not related to dragons.

Categories Quasqueton Castle, ruins, Monsters

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