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Taragh Castle, Grain Isle, Barrow Islands


An interesting place. Evil and Good live here. They even greet each other politely as they travel around the city. The Neutrals stay out of their way.

Population is 25,000 people.

Mostly humans, hill dwarves, with a few half-elves.

The two island halves trade back and forth, but mostly keep to themselves.

1) horse raising area
2) cattle raising farms, a sturdy woolly creature
3) ruins, old abandoned castles and villages
4) apple orchards
5) olive orchards, export olive oil
6)apple orchards and grain fields
7)ruins, Doom Keep
8)the northern coast where the wind howls, even when there is no wind
9) Barana, the only city on the eastern end of this island

Rumor has it that Dread Peak is the home of Fire Giants.

Choice Castle is not a choice assignment. Foltar Forest was split into pieces many long years ago. Rumor has it the trees resent that to this day.

New map, May 29, 2020

Categories Barrow Islands, Grain Isle

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