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The Haunted Cave on Overland area 01, Flat


Okay, now 12 rooms, and I populated them, added furniture, etc.

1) entrance; a skeletal forearm and hand. A wooden door to the left that is open. But is anybody home ?

2) 20’ × 30’ an old campfire and some rocks.

3) 30’ × 50’ crates and 3 skeletons. There could be something in the crates.

4) 20’ × 30’ 5 giant rats. Someone must feed them, a basket of apples and 2 containers of water.

5) 20’ × 30’ could the glowing skull be a trap ? Or just a warning ?

6) 30’ × 20’ a sack and 2 barrels.

7A) a large cave about 150’ × 90’ 6 small crates and an open chest of treasure. Or is the treasure chest an illusion ? Secret door leads to the owner’s room.

7B) a smaller cave; about 60’ × 45’ 3 zombies in it. Are their clothes covered in green mold of some type ?

eight) a medium cave, in comparison to the rest. About 85’ × 70’ A stove, bed, work table, campfire, tabler and chairs, water closet, and a chest. The desk and chair are for a tall person, say around 8’ tall.

9) 30’ × 50’ 2 dead dwarves and 2 Giant Ants ! For some reason the ants look green.

10) 30’ × 30’ beware the green chicken !

11) 40’ × 30’ two rock piles. There could be something under the rocks.

12) The owner’s 2 pet boa constrictors. Just skeletons left. Or are they undead boa constrictors ?

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