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The Story of Crestar's Start: Part 3


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Down in the ocean depths, down below where sunlight reached. Down in the deep dark where nothing grows. Not even fish with lights on their skin.

There sat an improbable evergreen tree.

Not very large, hard to see, even if you knew where to look.

Down there, where the pressure is in the thousands of pounds per square inch…

Grew a small garden of land plants, impossible though they be, down there in the deep dark.

The Apprentice Overlord didn’t notice them. He thought he knew what was down there, in the deep dark.

He was busy adding the continent of Darshan to the Northern Hemisphere.

You should realize, after reading these 3 pages, that the Overlord doesn’t know everything about Crestar…

As travelers move from one flat plane to another, the move is instantaneous. If you know anything about a certain set of Space/SF rpgs, you know this is likely at least tech level 23, or maybe Kardeshev level 2. Or something else. Note, I haven’t really decided yet.

And there is a tie in with my alternate Traveller universe the Starship Wanderer is the place to look.

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