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Trillolara entrance page


Trillolara, Land of the Bards. ( Alignments: LN, LG, NG, CG, CN, N)

Most of the game sessions I ran occurred in this area.

Many of the ‘watch towers’ in my campaign, particularly in the Trillolara and Dank Forest nations, are based on the ‘Frontier Forts of Kelnore’ maps from Judges Guild. These are basically rectangular forts, with small towerettes near each corner. Barely qualify as keeps… Open courtyard, wooden gate, a small living area on one side of the courtyard and part of the wall. A small basement, with 3 small areas and one larger area. Not easy to defend. What is a towerette? A small tower, barely large enough to qualify as a tower. Typically a tight squeeze for 3 soldiers.

More of a widened area of the wall walk, with crenelations and machiolations. Most are in ruins, and are no longer in use. Most towerettes can hold one or two people. Small round towers came into use a number of game years later, and are stronger and more easily defendable. Probably early Age 11 was when these forts were last seriously used, but a few remain in active use here and there.

One group of player characters found some folks suspended in time in the basement of one… Merlin the Magician and Jirel of Joiry being one group of those so trapped there. These are called Dtrig Forts in my campaign.

(I got the information for these characters from Dragon magazine articles called ‘Giants in the Earth’. This would be in issues earlier than issue 100.)

But the watch towers from the Symbol Set 1 sold by Profantasy, are the ones shown on the rest of the maps.

Such a small nation, to have so much influence in the Southern Hemisphere… Maybe they have friends in high places ? Sky-god indeed… :-) Nope, not the referee !

Map Key

1) Quasqueton [ ruins] from TSR’s B-1 module, my version. new map and descriptions.

2) Fondfield [ military area commander’s headquarters ] where the player characters lived
while adventuring in Dtrig 1, Dtrig 2, Khilla Keep, and Sraa Keep

3) Sraa Keep [ ruins]

4) Dtranyo Castle [ manor house ruins], now rebuilt and owned by player characters
and converted into a walled stone castle.

5) Dtillan Orsti [ seaport ] players characters arrived here from Fondfield.

6) Castle Dwarfbas [ home of Dwarf King ]

7) ruins

8) Tower Dtranyal [ ruins] unexplored by the player characters and unmapped by me

9) Dtrig 1 [ ruins] explored. Very old style rectangular fort

10) Dtrig 2 [ ruins] explored. Very old style rectangular fort

11) Dwarf Home [ ruins] partially explored, all underground.
12) Sallor, Trillolara capital city

13) Forlorn Keep

14) Fortress of Krag the Stout-Hearted.

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