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vtt 75' x 50' downloads, 6


Zips linked below. The maps are 2000 pixels across. I shrank them by 50% so they will load on this page faster.

Column 6

36. marsh area with a dirt ridge, and some plants growing on a rock.

37. table with 2 skeletons, a yellow dirt path, cacti, rock piles, small bushes

38. 2 pergole, wide yellow dirt path, rock pile, cactus, several large bushes

39. 2 paths, 2 pergole, small and large bushes, a tree stump.

40. ruined small house, 2 dirt paths, 2 box remnants, broken stone structure, 2 rock piles, large and small bushes

41. skeleton pile next to a pergole and a broken wood box, smal ruined building, 3 dirt paths, small to medium buses, cactus, rock pile

42. lots of cactus, 2 open pits, 2 broken dirt paths, a few bushes.

7 maps, jpg, 5’ grid 4 megabytes, 7 maps.

7 maps, jpg 3.8 megabytes, 7 maps.

7 maps, png, 5’ grid 30.7 megabytes, 7 maps.

7 maps, png 29.6 megabytes, 7 maps.

Examples of some of the maps in these zip files.

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