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What is New ?


Here you will find mentions of updates.

March, 2024

Mar 25

Northern Hemisphere, continent Zor has a navigation set of links and on those associated pages.

Mar 23

I did more categories on articles. Using the search bar on the front page for ‘arcology’ should show all arcology maps on this site.

Mar 22

I did a number more of these articles so the correct categories show.

Fixed more of the articles so the correct categories show.

Mar 16

Added several Islands/island groups not in the menus, but on this site.

I’ll be updating the navigation menus over the next few days. Adding in locations with maps, straightening them out, etc.

Mar 3

Fixed two places on the navigation menus so they are easier to use.

February, 2024

Feb 20

Added navigation menus to the Crestar Start pages, 3 of them.

Feb 17

I noticed a small problem with the navigation menus, fixed.

January, 2024

Jan 26

Southern Hemisphere Islands, and separately Northern Hemisphere Islands, are connected via navigation menus.

Jan 15

I have added additional text to the Jon Mountains area, northern hemisphere. Added 5 more maps to the continent Flat. Some Watabou items.

Jan 14

Added navigation menus to the Shogosh unofficial character class

Jan 11

Added navigation menus, still needs work, for the Northern Hemisphere, Darshan continent.

Jan 9

Added some navigation menus for Dank Forest, Trillolara, and a town in Trillolara named Fondfield.

December, 2023

December 31

Added Jon Mountains and surrounding area to the south end of Flat, a continent.

Dec 7

Updated the navigation menus for the Arcology, TSR’s B4 The Lost City. These are the smaller links below the main navigation menus.

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