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Ages list


Some of this is... April Fools, and some of it is part of this campaign. Or all of it is part of this campiagn. Maybe. I don't want to give too many clues to my players.

I'll refine and add to it as time goes by.

Yes, some of it is contradictory. This is due to different nations using something like a bailey in different years.

Or having different inventors due to travel times or lack of communication with lands and nations they don't get along with.

Ages on Crestar

Age 1

construction of this pocket universe starts.

land, water, air, weather, some plants.

500 years go by.

Age 2 lasts 900 years

Somehow high elves are awakened. The Builder

notices and wipes them out. And yet, high elves

that came later remember these events.

The Builder might be an Other. Or a poor

quality Universe Overlord and Builder.

rest of the plants arrive.

Age 3 lasts 915 years

The Stone Age

Hill giants are awakened year 25.

Halflings are awakened year 33.

Dwarves and elves are awakened year 150.

Hill Giants and Halflings claim to be First Awakened.
Neither of them were first.

Orcs and goblins arrive year 375.

All animals are here by year 545.

By the year 650 all intelligent beings have

arrived on Crestar. Yet, there are Gates that open

from time to time. Evidently not planned by the Universe Overlord.

earthwork entrance to an earthen wall battlement invented.

Age 3 ends when the first Battle of Humanoids and Dwarves happens in the year 915.

Age 4 lasts 1,200 years

cool down starts at the beginning of this Age.

Most monsters that we would think of as Dinosaurs die off... maybe.

Orcs and ogres are almost wiped out by diseases after that war.

Elves and dwarves suffer as well. The elves blame the dwarves for

the diseases. Yet, they are not responsible. Possibly the

Overlord Builder made some mistakes.

Barbican: wooden pallisade guarding entrance to earthen fort.

Ditch: Even the early palisades had a ditch around them.

c Age 4 wood pallisade came into use, mostly around towns.

year 20 wooden pallisade guarding entrance to earthen fort

Age 5 lasts 500 years

Ice Age 1.

The Little Old Man in Gray is born.

Ertan helm first came about, probably this age, year and artisan unknown.

Arnan and Bartan helms probably this age as well.

Age 6 lasts 300 years

slight warm up.

Bronze Age starts.

Dwarf Home is begun in the year 420. They migrated here via Gate from Dwarf Hold.

Dwarf Hold is near the western edge of the Outer Ocean. One day the return Gate vanished.

Age 7 lasts 450 years

Tropical Age 1.

motte invented

Celtan helm, named after its maker Chago Celtran.

Age 8 last 2,000 years

Pleistocene starts. Cool down starts.

Age 8, 1,000 years Ice Age 2 starts.

Some civilizations move or die out.

Iron Age starts.

Various animals, many used for food, disappear.

Age 8, 1,900 years. Warm up starts.

Some civilizations revitalize, others move or vanish.

Tropical 2 starts.

Food animals return, some have a weird taste, some of the time.

Cool down starts.

Temperature zones/biomes clarify and become mostly final.

Animals present become normalized by biome. Large herds suddenly

shift location, sometimes by thousands of miles.

Some landmasses vanish, move, shrink, grow mountains and rivers.

Islands show up or vanish.

(Books shouldn't be dropped on keyboards... silly Universe Builder.)

In Age 9, various Peoples were asked what happened in Age 8 ? All reply that everyone

was too busy to write things down. They refuse to answer further.

Age 9 lasts 300 years

c. year 200 ballista by dwarves

Castle: A term applied to the fortified houses which developed in
year c. 300

Dartan helm, named by its maker John Shoethumper.

Motte-and-Bailey: A very early, but very effective, type of surface
gnome castle

Portcullis: First used in this age. Previously the gate was the only
way to block an entrance.

Age 10 lasts 900 years

battering ram

c. year 10 shell keep

A nose guard with wire cage, or nose guard, was added to some

Celtan helms in the Year 127 by armorer Yalno Tak-Nok.

c. year 500 Trebuchet used for the first time.

Steel becomes available.

c. year 500 Green Guild messengers started

Sharn-Nak Islands invaded via Gate: Year 500, Month 4, Outer Ocean

year 700 bailey summit of a motte added

c. year 840 A towered or crenellated manor house of wood

year 900, Month 7, day 20 the Undead Hordes attack. This is the end

of the 10th Age and the end of Licieria.

Age 11

Murder holes: A name given to holes in the vaulting of an

entrance passage, used to harass an enemy with missile fire.

wall towers early Age 11, square stone towers

Town walls of stone: no certain date for start, but common by Age 11

year 1 square stone keep

year 5 additional space added to a bailey for protection of the

garrison and owner. Baileys no longer used just for

combat or during a siege.

year 45 stone rectangular Barbican add-on to a castle

also stone wall, formerly a wood pallisade

year 75 stone round Barbican add-on to a castle

year 100 bailey protection for lord and garrison

year 100 Dtranyo Castle built, really a manor house of wood

year 110 hexagonal stone keep

year 127 inner and outer bailey, extensive size added to increase


year 200 hexagonal stone wall towers

year 200 round stone keep

year 302 round stone wall towers

year 500 is the start of the campaign for player characters.

year 502 Holy Water/pottery head arrows invented

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