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Kobold werewolves


My players hated this monster, so I am posting this information.

Typical Kobold info, except they are at -1 to hit in direct sunlight. In kobold form they act very frightened of the darkness.

These kobold werewolves are very very rare. They are at 2% chance to show up instead of regular kobolds. Only 6 to 20 will show.

When they change into werewolves, they become AC 1. 15” move, 4+3 HD (2-8 HP). Can only be hit by magic or silver weapons.

Have same chances to inflict lycanthropy as regular werewolves.

Attack in werewolf form is claw 1d4 /claw 1d4 /bite 1d6.

See the 1e Monster Manual for further details on werewolf and kobold.

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