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The Forever Fountain


Where it was located, no one knows.

From time to time, someone will tell of it, while eating and drinking in a Inn somewhere. Oh, they haven’t seen it, but have heard the story.

Unusually, the story doesn’t change as typical legends get embellished and changed over time.

The name of the city that built it is lost, but the fountain did exist at one time. Long ago.

Some claim to have seen it, somewhere.

It is surrounded by ruins and sand. Yet, the fountain still works. Water splashing about, across the statues, spraying upward from the fishs’ mouths.

Some say the sand covers it from time to time. Then some one, or a group, cleans it off so the water can splash once more.

Some say it is just a story, but elves claim to have seen it, before humans arrived on Crestar.

But even they don’t remember where it could be.

No travelers nor merchants have maps to its location. Maps that are found to have it marked on their surfaces, show paths and roads to it that do not exist. And name nations that none have heard of.

Yet. There will be, from time to time, people who say they have seen it. Splashing across itself in the sunset. Or framed by a rainbow. Mountains in the distance, sand nearby. Or mountains and hills surrounding it, protecting it from distant sands.

Such stories come about it that don’t match the original legend.

These stories last for a few months, maybe a year, then the story teller says they were mistaken, they weren’t talking about The Forever Fountain.

If pressed, they will mention their dreams were haunted by the sounds of a weeping fountain…

Most change the subject, and tell the one story about it most everyone has heard.

For a few months or years, no one will tell the story of that fountain.

Then at some outpost, out near a great nothingness, the Wildlands, or the Empty Lands, a traveler will stop for the night. A look of wonder on their face. Then they will breathlessly ask someone nearby, if they have heard, of a most wonderful fountain ?

So some say, it is still out there, off the beaten track, splashing water about forever more.


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