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Generic Price List: A (entrance page)


I came up with a generic price list of items, so I would have a basic set of prices for items available. I didn’t create it in a day or two, I added to it as I needed to. I either found a listing somewhere, usually in a Judges’ Guild product like the city-state items, or a player would want to know how much some item cost that wasn’t listed on a general store’s price list. I determined how much an item cost by the tech level available, the size of the town or city, its location, and by guessing. Sometimes I used the prices in the 1E PHB, but I did alter some prices to fit my campaign. I did find 2 books on the Middle Ages in Europe and England, and they had prices for various items. I was able to use all of the above books to come up with prices for items I felt were reasonable for my campaign world.

If an item was not usually found in a particular area, it cost more than this generic price. If it was more common than usual, it cost less. Items of extensive workmanship rarely lowered in price. Something with intricate work, like a carved personalized item was rarely cheap in price.

The ‘not priced’ bit means I never needed to come up with a price for that item, but I had included the item in my generic price list in case someone’s character looked for such an item. Its also doubtful I ever will price them
as I no longer play this game; however, I include these items for game/campaign ideas for others.

abacus 10 gp

alembic ( distillation apparatus) 1,000 gp ( usually made of glass)

ale, pint 5 cp or 1 sp

apron, full sized ( shoulder to ankles) 1 sp
, half-sized ( waist to ankles) 6 cp

armchair 75 gp plus

armoire ( ornate cabinet) 100 gp – 700 gp

arras ( tapestry), 4’ x 6’ long 300 gp
, 8’ x 12’ 425 gp
, 8’ x 30’ 600 gp

arrow, normal 1 for 1 sp; 12/10 sp; 20/15 sp
, silver 1 for 2 gp; 30/ 50 gp
, target 1 for 8 cp; 12/8 sp

arrow heads, war 1 sp each
, target 4 cp each

artan ( spear thrower for 5’ spears) 1 gp
[ not an atl-atl]

axe, battle 4 gp
, hand 1 gp ( -4 to hit if thrown, not balanced )
, throwing 2 gp

awl 3 sp

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