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This will be maps, articles, and adventures site. I have around a thousand maps, and since I’m rearranging things as I go, it will take some time to put this together.

I built it myself, with no one helping me, except for the excellent tech support folks at NameCheap.com

I mention I built it myself as there are various people/companies around the Internet who pretend they helped me. They didn’t.

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Here you will find mentions of updates.

March, 2024

Mar 25

Northern Hemisphere, continent Zor has a navigation set of links and on those associated pages.

Mar 23

I did more categories on articles. Using the search bar on the front page for ‘arcology’ should show all arcology maps on this site.

Mar 22

I did a number more of these articles so the correct categories show.

Fixed more of the articles so the correct categories show.

Mar 16

Added several Islands/island groups not in the menus, but on this site.

I’ll be updating the navigation menus over the next few days. Adding in locations with maps, straightening them out, etc.

Mar 3

Fixed two places on the navigation menus so they are easier to use.

February, 2024

Feb 20

Added navigation menus to the Crestar Start pages, 3 of them.

Feb 17

I noticed a small problem with the navigation menus, fixed.

January, 2024

Jan 26

Southern Hemisphere Islands, and separately Northern Hemisphere Islands, are connected via navigation menus.

Jan 15

I have added additional text to the Jon Mountains area, northern hemisphere. Added 5 more maps to the continent Flat. Some Watabou items.

Jan 14

Added navigation menus to the Shogosh unofficial character class

Jan 11

Added navigation menus, still needs work, for the Northern Hemisphere, Darshan continent.

Jan 9

Added some navigation menus for Dank Forest, Trillolara, and a town in Trillolara named Fondfield.

December, 2023

December 31

Added Jon Mountains and surrounding area to the south end of Flat, a continent.

Dec 7

Updated the navigation menus for the Arcology, TSR’s B4 The Lost City. These are the smaller links below the main navigation menus.

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Larger map so it is easier to see.

Room 41) 28’ × 28’ × 10’: storage empty

Room 42) 38’ × 100’ × 10’: storage empty of all but dust

Room 43) 48’ × 48’ × 10’: storage empty of all but dust

Room 44) 100’ × 46’ × 10’: Guard ready room
Where the guards on standby wait. Beds are available for extra guards.

The thin brown walls inside the room are to give attackers a feeling they can hide,
make plans and then attack the guards again. The walls are 4 feet high.

The brown squares are pit traps. The one with the skull on it drops 20 feet
and has spikes in the bottom. 1d6+1 for each spike. 2d6 for the fall.
There are 6 spikes and they hit as a third level fighter.
The other pit drops 10 feet, no spikes.

Room 45) 107’ × 16’ × 10’ – 16 × 116’ × 10’: corridor
goes from the barracks to the dining hall.

Paintings on the wall showing guards doing their duty and guarding the castle.

Room 46) 88’ × 9’ × 10’: corridor
secret door is stone and findable under ordinary chances.

Push door up to open in either direction.

Room 47) 6’ × 81’ × 10’ – 44’ × 6’ × 10’: corridor
There are 3 pit traps in this corridor.

The first one is an illusion. If the characters fall for the illusion,
they take 1d6 hp. The second shows only as a red skull painted on the floor
It will hold 100 pounds in weight and then give way.
2d6 hp to any who fall in.

The third pit is open and will close up when anyone claps their hands 3 times. Secret door to leader’s real room is slightly ajar.

He forgot to close it when he left.

If the characters close it, push on the west side opens it.

Dungeon level 1 gp equivalent in money and goods, excludes any magic items: 2490.71 gp equiv.

Magic items: silver +1 dagger (magic and silver) ; long sword + 3 ;
2 scrolls of Protection from Evil (3 uses each); Ring protection from fire ;
Ring of Free Fall (4 charges) ; chain mail +1 ; leather armor +1 ;
wood shield + 1.

Book of spells, listings that can be rewritten as spell book entries.

Monsters: 6 giant rats ; 6 skeletons ; 6 giant centipedes

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Larger map so it is easier to see.

Rooms 16 through 34 are in the Jail and Punishment area.

Room 21) 28’ × 28’ × 10’: punishment room
Doors and furniture are rotted.

The iron maiden and rack are rotted and falling apart.

Room 22) 8’ × 14’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 23) 7’ × 15’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 24) 6’ × 14.5’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 25) 6’ × 14’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 26) 20’ × 19’ × 10’: manacle store room Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 27) 30’ × 29’ × 10’: turnkey office Door and furniture are rotted.

(a turnkey is one of the jailers. He had keys to the cells.)

Room 28) 19’ × 19’ × 10’: storeroom Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 29) 29’ × 29’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 30) 19’ × 8’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 31) 19’ × 8’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 32) 19’ × 8’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 33) 18’ × 12’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 34) 18’ × 9’ × 10’: jail cell Door and furniture are rotted.

Room 35) 59’ × 59’ × 10’: weapons and storage
Dusty and rotted goods

Five of the six flasks are empty.
The sixth one has a potion of cure poison, (good for 3 doses).

7 swords, two are in good shape, the rest are rusted.
4 long bows, 1 is in good shape.
2 of the 4 quivers are in good shape ( 20 of the arrows are in good shape.)
the quivers hold 20 arrows
3 of the 8 wooden mallets are in good shape.
2 of the 7 scimitars are in good shape.
4 of the 10 shields are in good shape.
1 of the 5 bastard swords are in good shape.
4 of the 7 maces, next to the flasks, are in good shape.
One of the small boxes near the long swords contains 4 usable daggers.

The 9 barrels are empty.
5 sets of bones on the floor.
The bones by the barrels, lower left corner, are the remains of the guy who came
here to explore. He rebuilt the stove in the banquet hall kitchen.

4 giant centipedes are in this room
Probably what killed the guy mentioned above.

(If an item isn’t in good shape, that means it will fall apart when used.)
Secret door exit just push on right side.

Room 36) 39’ × 39’ × 10’: store room all items are rotted.

Room 37) 49’ × 49’ × 15’: Leader’s room, fake
looks like a rich well appointed room.

But a close search will show the furniture was never as fine as a quick look
makes it appear.
Secret door:
moving the labratory table out of the way pulls a small metal wire,
this releases a latch in the wall and the secret door swings open.

Room 38) 50’ × 50’ × 16’: Leader’s room, real
Very ostentatious room, worthy of a dukedom.

A man-sized velicoraptor skeleton is on the floor.
Could this be the castle leader ? Or the pet ?
The bed has a silk coverlet under the blanket on top.
The silk is worth 300 gp in one piece.
The rest of the bed items are rotted.
The sacks used to contain grain, they are rotted. The dressing table to the west of the bed has 2 nice
brass candelabras on it which are worth 50 gp each.
In one of the drawers are 2 scrolls of Cure Light Wounds, 3 uses per scroll

The three 3’ × 6’ rugs are in good shape and are worth 20 gp each. There is one book on the east wall, on top of the table.
It is in good shape and contains all of the first and second level spells
For Magic-User and Illusionist. These aren’t book bound scrolls,
but they can be copied to scrolls and used. Book is worth 500 gp.

The cabinet to the east of the bed has several ledger books full of figures and
food orders.
The books in the northwest corner are rotted and fall apart when picked up.
There is nothing left of value in this room.
To exit the room, push on the right side of the secret door.

Room 39) odd-shape x 10’: Dining Hall
This is where the soldiers ate.

12 dining tables for the soldiers. 4 tables for the serjeants and 3 for officers.
Doors and furniture are rotted.

Room 40) 30’ × 30’ × 10’: Cold room for food
No food left, but the room is cool.

the 16’ × 24’ cabinet was used to store large cuts of meat.
The 2 small cabinets: 7.5’× 4.6 feet, were for the storage of small meats,
like rabbit, squirrel, etc.

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